Call For Workshops and Tutorials

Experts in parallel and high-performance computing areas related to MPI are invited to share their expertise with the broader MPI community by submitting proposals for workshops and tutorials to be co-located with the EuroMPI/USA 2020 conference that will be held on September 21-24, 2020 at TACC in Austin, TX, USA. The EuroMPI/USA workshop program will provide an opportunity for researchers to present preliminary, new work and work that can complement and extend the topics covered by EuroMPI/USA 2020. The EuroMPI tutorial program will provide an opportunity to present from introductory to advanced courses on topics related to the main conference. EuroMPI/USA 2020 invites proposals for workshops and tutorials on the broadest possible range of topics related to, complementing or challenging the message-passing paradigm in general and MPI in particular. The EuroMPI/USA 2020 workshops and tutorials will all take place on September 24, 2020.

Workshops and tutorials on all areas with a relation to MPI, its usage or implementation, complementary to or challenging the MPI paradigm are invited. Workshops can also consider presentation of works in an early stage. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Use of MPI in new and unconventional applications
  • Paradigms and application areas that challenge the message-passing model
  • New message-passing models
  • Different high-performance programming models and interfaces like PGAS, streaming models, etc.
  • Irregular and non-numerical applications on large-scale systems
  • New applications areas
  • Use of accelerators and heterogeneous processing elements in applications and programming interfaces
  • Large-scale scientific simulations
  • Support of MPI for hardware heterogeneity
  • Performance analysis of MPI and associated programming models
  • Machine learning in the context of communication/message passing

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: February 24, 2020 (AOE)

Submission Guidelines:

Proposals are limited to an up to 3 pages description that should include the followings:

  • A title, an abstract (400 words maximum), and a syllabus
  • A description of the target audience
  • Indication of half-day or full-day duration
  • For tutorials, outline of the agenda and indicate if hands-on session will be included
  • For workshops, a draft of the CFP
  • If applicable, details on previous instantiations of the workshop or tutorial, including number of attendees

In addition to the 3 pages description, please include the following: A brief biographical sketch of each workshop organizer or tutorial presenters (at most 1 page per organizer). For tutorials presenters, indicate previous experience in tutorial or training events.

Workshop and tutorial proposals will be evaluated as they are received. Decisions will be made based on the proposal content and its relationship to any other workshop and tutorial proposals that have been accepted or received at the time the proposal is received. Since this policy may result in the workshop and tutorial program being completed early, EuroMPI/USA 2020 reserves the right to close workshop submissions prior to the date listed below.

A single PDF file with all the material described above should be sent to with the subject: "EuroMPI/USA 2020 Tutorial/Workshop proposal".

Workshops should suggest their own submission deadlines, but the camera-ready deadline for accepted contributions should follow the camera-ready deadline of the main conference. Workshop organizers will themselves be responsible for managing submissions and the review process.

Length of the workshops can be adapted to the number of papers accepted and the organizer may cancel the workshop in the case of low number of submissions.

EuroMPI/USA 2020 will consider increasing the time allocated to a workshop if space is available.

EuroMPI/USA 2020 will provide a free conference registration for one keynote speaker at workshops with at least seven accepted talks. The free registration cannot be used by a workshop organizer, even if the organizer presents a keynote. EuroMPI/USA 2020 will provide a free conference registration per full-day tutorial (one presenter).